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About Us

The Metro South Cooperative Bank (MSCB) is the first cooperative bank in the National Capital Region (NCR). It is a unique bank registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) as a cooperative, and with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), as a bank under the cooperation and rural banking system.

On March 24, 1997, Metro South Cooperative Bank started banking operation with an initial capital of P33.0 million contributed by thirty-four (34) member cooperative stockholders. The founding member cooperatives envisioned the bank to be the leading cooperative bank in the Philippines by providing banking services primarily to cooperatives which at that time were mostly un-served by the formal banking system due to negative connotations of cooperatives as unstable and therefore non bankable.

Taking advantage of its unique position, MSCB pioneered cooperative banking in the country as opposed to the then prevailing practice of other cooperative banks which were operating as rural banks providing loans to individuals and other non-coop entities. Cooperative banking meant MSCB’s steadfast commitment on investing its lending funds primarily with cooperatives in spite of BSP regulatory prohibitions and cautions against lending primarily to stockholders. After several years of successful operations proving that cooperatives are bankable, BSP relented by issuing a BSP circular exempting cooperative banks from prohibitions on providing loans primarily to its cooperative stockholders.

After 25 years of cooperative banking operation, MSCB is now owned by more than 800 cooperatives nationwide with a total paid in capital and net worth of P707.8M and P812.7M respectively and total assets of P 3.66B as of December 31, 2021.

However, MSCB will only be able to achieve what is founding member cooperatives envision the Bank to be with the full support of its member stockholders. After all, as is true with other cooperatives, MSCB’s strength rest on the support and patronage of its member cooperative stockholders.

The use of technology in expanding its reach will be the focus area of MSCB. Technological innovation will not only enable a wider market reach for consumer banking, it will also enhance its capacity for continuous and inclusive growth. It shall enable a paradigm shift in the banking industry and re-shape the way consumers engage with the Bank. It shall also create new opportunities to meet customer expectation.

In 2022, MSCB will undergo a digital transformation as the first cooperative bank that will collaborate with leading Fintech companies enabling MSCB to expand and attract other markets, tapping into segments that have not been tapped before; thereby leading the cooperative sector towards a digital future.

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Vision / Mission


To provide quality banking services of all our stakeholders and strengthen the cooperative movement.


To be the leading cooperative bank of the Philippines.

Core Values

  • Fairness - equal treatment
  • Accountability - this taken seriously by making sure that every penny is taken cared of with transparency
  • Integrity - of the organization and the people
  • Transparency - no hidden agenda, what you see is what you get
  • High Ethical Standards - discipline and professionalism
  • Service to the Community - selflessness, creativity


For our CO-OWNERS: To provide them reasonable return on capital and patronage refund.
For our CUSTOMERS: Provide quality products and services, responsive to their needs.
For our OFFICERS: To develop a culture of excellence & professionalism by practicing good governance & ethical standards.
For our EMPLOYEES: Provide a working environment that enhances total growth & development, and achieve excellence through teamwork.
For our PARTNERS: Promote mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances.
For the COOPERATIVE MOVEMENT: Help strengthen unity among cooperatives and promote sustainable development through cooperation.
For our COMMUNITY: Contribute to the upliftment of economic & social status not only of its members but also of the community where we operate, as well as protection of the environment.

Management Committee & Key Executive Officers

Ma. Theresa T. Nacar

FVP, Officer-In-Charge
Head of Credit Administration and Support Division

Maximo M. Recente Jr.

Vice President - Institutional Banking Division Head

Lodiric C. Cruz

Assistant Vice-President
Head of Loans Admin and Asset Management Department

Plato Raymund C. Tirol

Vice President
Retail and Special Markets Division Head

Roda L. Cruz

Assistant Vice President
Accounting and Finance Division Head

Mona Lisa A. Recodo

Assistant Vice President
Credit Analysis and Evaluation Department Head

Evener H. Monzones

Head of Branch Banking Division

Antonio R. Legrama Jr.

Vice President
Chief Compliance Officer

Nilo A. Buhay

Senior Manager
Gen. Services and Facilities Department Head

Richelle S. Yaneza

Assistant Vice President
Human Capital and Management Department Head

Madonna L. Enriquez

Head of Information Technology Department

Romelyn Amistoso

Senior Manager
Internal Audit Department Head

Board of Directors

Fr. Antonio Cecilio T. Pascual

Fr. Antonio Cecilio T. Pascual, Filipino
Chairman of the Board

Atty. Mickel M. Borigas

Atty. Mickel M. Borigas, Filipino
Chairman: Education Committee and Ethics Committee
Member: Gender and Development Committee

Edita S. Lauron

Edita S. Lauron, Filipino
Chairman: Board Audit Committee and Corporate Governance
Committee Member: Risk Management Committee

Norma G. Guhiting

Norma G. Guhiting, Filipino
Chairman: Risk Management Committee
Member: Board Audit Committee and Corporate Governance Committee

Garibaldi O. Leonardo

Garibaldi O. Leonardo, Filipino
Chairman: Credit Committee
Member: Education Committee and Gender and Development Committee

Pedro E. Rieza, Jr.

Pedro E. Rieza, Jr., Filipino
Member: Executive Committee and Risk Management Committee

Fr. Serafin F. Peralta

Fr. Serafin F. Peralta, Filipino
Chairman: Gender and Development Committee
Member: Corporate Governance Committee

Patria T. Chiong

Patria T. Chiong, Filipino
Member: Education Committee

Roberto C. Mascariña

Roberto C. Mascariña, Filipino
Member: Credit Committee and Mediation & Conciliation Committee

Romeo A. de Jesus

Romeo A. de Jesus, Filipino
Member: Credit Committee and Ethics Committee

Nicolas H. Veronilla

Nicolas H. Veronilla, Filipino
Member: Credit Committee and Ethics Committee

Divina C. Quemi

Divina C. Quemi, Filipino
Chairperson: Mediation and Conciliation Committee

Juanito P. Rosini

Juanito P. Rosini, Filipino
Member: Corporate Governance Committee

Segundo R. Lanuza

Segundo R. Lanuza, Filipino
Member: Credit Committee

Atty. Simeon T. Asia, Jr.

Atty. Simeon T. Asia, Jr., Filipino
Board Secretary

Doris R. Dorigo

Doris R. Dorigo, Filipino
Board Treasurer

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Products & Services

Credit Facilities

Apply for a low-interest loan with flexible payment terms. Please contact us right away.

Internet Banking

Allows individuals, government agencies, corporate/businesses fund transfers, payments, remittances of larger amount of money or in bulk anywhere in and out of the country.

Savings Deposit

Regular Savings for Individual, Cooperative and Individual clients with initial deposit of P100.00 to P5,000.00 and earn up to 0.375% interest rate per annum.

Cash Management Services

MSCB provides warehousing services to safekeep and monitor Post-Dated Check (PDCs) issuances specifically for the loan payments/amortizations & deposit the same to your designated collection account as credit dates fall due.

For Member Cooperatives

Enjoy reasonable returns on your investment thru dividends sharing, than with regular commercial banks. As a co-owner or “Kamay-ari” you have a voice in the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MSCB Internet/ Mobile Banking?

    MSCB Internet/Mobile Banking are the tools that allow you to use a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and other gadgets with an Internet connection to conduct your banking online.

  • How do I enroll in MSCB Internet/ Mobile Banking?

    Here are the quick and easy steps to enroll in MSCB Internet/Mobile Banking:

    1. Review the “Terms and Conditions” of MSCB Internet Banking then mark a check in a box if you agree on the Terms and Conditions and click “Enroll Now”.
    2. Input your Account Number and click “Continue”.
    3. Key in your information needed on the form.
    4. Under credentials, input your email address and nominate a username and password.
    5. Once the registration is successful, click “ok” and wait for the email notification from your branch once approved.

  • How do I log in to MSCB Internet/ Mobile Banking?

    Go to MSCB Internet Banking Main Page, enter your nominated User ID in the sign in box, then enter your password and click "log-in".

  • What should I do if I forget my password?

    For Individual and Corporate:

    1. Click forget Password.
    2. Input your Username or Email Address then click “Proceed”.
    3. A message will pop up “The temporary password will be sent to your email” then click “ok”.
    4. To Log in Default Password, an authentication code will be sent to the mobile number registered. Key in the code then click “submit”.
    5. Input your password and nominate your new password then click “save”.
    6. A message will appear, “Your password has been changed. You will be required to re-log in” then click “ok” .

  • Where can I file my complaint?

    You may reach our MSCB Customer Care Hotline at (8)897-9046 or you may submit your complaint through MSCB Email Address: [email protected].

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